Napa Valley Marina, located in Napa, California is one of the San Francisco Bay Area's premier marinas with haulout, storage, repair and chandlery facilities.

Directions Water
Directions by water to Napa Valley Marina from San Pablo Bay starting at the Mare Island Causeway Bridge
Vertical clearance is 12 ft. down and 102 ft. up. Located just north of the Vallejo Marina. The bridge hours are from 9AM to 7PM. Their phone # is 707-562-3556
Mare Island Bridge

Passing under this bridge, you begin your journey up the Napa River. Best to pass through the center.
Highway 37 Fixed Bridge

Towers: The towers are about 2 ½ miles from the highway 37 bridge. Better to stay to the left of center of the high voltage power lines. Note there is a red buoy to the left side of the right tower marking a sunken vessel.
High Voltage Tower

Marker 7 (Green): About 1 ½ miles from the towers. Channel begins to narrow. Approach this marker no closer than 50 yards to your port side.
Marker 7 Green

Marker 13 (Green): Approx. 1 ¾ miles from Marker 7. When you approach this marker and begin to see homes on the left side of the river, you will have 2 miles to go before entering Napa Valley Marina
Marker 13 Green

Vertical clearance is 97 ft. This bridge is always in the up position unless there is a train passing through. Passing under the bridge gives you about ¾ of a mile to go.
Brazo Train Bridge


Raise a glass

and celebrate…..

you’ve arrived!
Napa Valley Marina Entrance
Careful as there is a shoal on either side of the marina. Gas and diesel pumps immediately to the left of entrance. There is a 400 linear feet guest dock beyond the two sets of covered slips. You are welcome to park your vessel on either side of guest dock. 30 amp power is provided for your convenience. Just open the flush doors on the dock. There is 50 amp power at the furthest end of the dock. We have treated well water which is drinkable, however we prefer bottled water.

Continuing beyond Napa Valley Marina, you can go an additional 6 miles to downtown Napa. Other points of interest are, various vineyards, Napa Valley Yacht Club, Riverpark & Napa Yacht Club housing development, (not to be confused with the real yacht club), The Hatt Building, Kennedy Park and other miscellaneous new development on the River. There are many fine restaurants and watering holes downtown.
Butler Bridge Fixed


Image Coming


Fixed Bridge

Fixed Bridge: (Vertical clearance 60’, a mean avg. high) Approx. 5 miles from Napa Valley Marina.

Napa Valley Yacht Club: Located just beyond the Maxwell Bridge, this club is very active, sponsoring many cruising activities & social events. There mission statement: “Safety & courtesy on the water. Fellowship & fun through boating. Community involvement in river development. Interaction with other yacht clubs. To make greater waves than an individual can to get things accomplished.” To contact the club 707-252-3342.
Napa Valley Yacht Club

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