Napa Valley Marina, located in Napa, California is one of the San Francisco Bay Area's premier marinas with haulout, storage, repair and chandlery facilities.

Since 1957, the Giovannoni family has been serving the boating public, providing recreational enjoyment for thousands. It all started when Larry Giovannoni talked his brother Albert into building a marina on land they purchased along the Napa River. They bought 40 acres of land, a tractor, built their own dredge and docks, and went into business. They broke the levee, flooded the hole and the Napa Valley Marina was born.
In the beginning, Larry and Albert worked 16 hour days, managing their expanding marina and working full time jobs, Larry a grocery merchant and Al a real estate broker. Two of Larry's sons, Tom and Dan grew up around the marina and in the 80's, bought into the business. Both Tom and Dan now own and manage the marina and continue to expand with improvements, including dry storage, state of the art haulout facilities, a chandlery and much more.

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1200 Milton Road, Napa, CA 94559 phone: 707-252-8011
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