Dry Store your Boat at Napa Valley Marina
24 Hour Access | Locked Security Gate | Work Area and Non-Work Area Rates

Dry Store Your Boat!    Why?
It's Much Cheaper and You Will Have Peace of Mind.
  • You don't have to worry about your moorings coming loose on those stormy, windy nights.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that the water mysteriously collecting in the bilge will not sink your boat.
  • The fear of electrolysis and corrosion eating away at your shafts and propellers will end.
  • The osmotic blisters you were worrying about in your fiberglass will have a chance to dry out.
  • Your expensive outdrive will be safe from the effects of saltwater.
  • That haul out you have been postponing will finally happen!
Our professional staff are all boaters with many years of boating and marine experience. Have a question? We are ready to assist you with most of your boating needs.

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