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  • 40' Dyer Fly Bridge Trawler
  • Year: 1982
  • Current Price: US$ 92,500
  • Located in Napa, CA
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Single diesel YW# 31624-2847392
This awesome vessel has the displacement of a trawler yet has a top speed of 23 knots! Powered by a powerful 420 HP Detroit diesel, and nice electronics package. She has had extensive professional systems upgrades under her current ownership. She is a joy to cruise, and brings out admirers in every port and harbor. Currently in a covered slip at Napa Valley Marina.

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Length   Boats  Year  Price   Codes  Location
    52'  Cross Trimaran  2000  US$ 179,000   S U S D CP   Napa, CA
    48'  CT 48 Ta Chiao Cutter  1978  US$ 50,000   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    48'  Schock Staysail Schooner  1934  US$ 35,000   S U O   W   Napa, CA
    45'  C & L Explorer Cutter  1979  US$ 47,500   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    45'  Kha Shing Motoryacht  1985  US$ 85,000   P U O D FG   Napa, CA
    42'  Farr  1977  US$ 27,500   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    41'  Columbia Yacht  1973  US$ 21,500   S U S D FG   Sold
    40'  Cheoy Lee Offshore 40 ...  1971  US$ 24,500   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    39'  Sea Ray 390 Express  1989  US$ 29,500   P U T G FG   Napa, CA
    39'  Sea Ray 390 Express Cr...  1988  US$ 28,500   P U T G FG   Napa, CA
    38'  BAYLIINER 3818  1988  US$ 45,500   P U T D FG   Napa, CA
    38'  Bayliner 3818  1989  US$ 29,500   P U T D FG   Napa, CA
    38'  Farr 38  1995  US$ 34,900   S U S D FG   Sold
    38'  Matthews Sedan Cruiser  1925  US$ 7,500   P U O   W   Sold
    37'  Buchan  1977  US$ 11,500   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    36'  Grand Banks Sedan  1973  US$ 22,500   P U T D FG   Sold
    36'  Islander 36  1977  US$ 32,500   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    34'  CT Ta Chiao Cutter  1984  US$ 32,500   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    31'  Dufour  1980  US$ 19,900   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    28'  Monterey Fishing Boat  1940  US$ 15,000   P U S G W   Napa, CA
    24'  Bayliner 2455 CIERRA  2001  US$ 15,500   P U S G FG   Napa, CA
    24'  Olympic Super XL  1998  US$ 22,500   P U S G FG   Sold
    18'  Duffy Snug Harbor  2010  US$ 24,500   P U O   FG   Napa, CA
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P=Power, S=Sail
N=New, U=Used
S=Single, T=Twin, D=Diesel, G=Gas/Petrol
W=Wood, ST=Steel, AL=Aluminum, FG=Fiberglass, CP=Composite, FC=Ferro-Cement 
O=Other/None, =Photos, video brochure=Videos