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Our yacht brokerage typically has over 50 listings in any given month. You can view some of our featured listings below. You can visit YachtWorld.com, our authorized online representative with pricing, specifications and photos of our offerings. Of course, feel free to stop by the marina anytime (directions). Our experienced staff will be happy to show any available listings or call Kirby Long at 707-252-8011 for updates and information.
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Length   Boats  Year  Price   Codes  Location
    52'  Cross Trimaran  2000  US$ 129,900   S U S D CP   Napa, CA
    48'  Schock Staysail Schooner  1934  US$ 2,500   S U O   W   Napa, CA
    47'  Perry Center Cockpit  1980  US$ 99,000   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    47'  Stephens Flush Deck Mo...  1961  US$ 69,000   P U T G W   Sale Pending
    46'  Custom Power Cat  1999  US$ 405,000   P U T D FG   Napa, CA
    45'  C & L Explorer Cutter  1979  US$ 34,900   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    39'  Custom Steel Cutter  1984  US$ 27,500   S U O   ST   Napa, CA
    39'  Sea Ray 390 Express Cr...  1988  US$ 34,900   P U T G FG   Sold
    36'  Albin Trawler  1980  US$ 39,900   P U T D FG   Napa, CA
    36'  Islander 36  1977  US$ 27,500   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    35'  Bruce Roberts Steel Yawl  1989  US$ 29,500   S U S D ST   Napa, CA
    34'  CT Ta Chiao Cutter  1984  US$ 19,500   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    30'  Newport Mk III  1988  US$ 24,900   S U S D FG   Napa, CA
    26'  Chris-Craft Cutlass  1967  US$ 15,900   P U T G W   Napa, CA
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P=Power, S=Sail
N=New, U=Used
S=Single, T=Twin, D=Diesel, G=Gas/Petrol
W=Wood, ST=Steel, AL=Aluminum, FG=Fiberglass, CP=Composite, FC=Ferro-Cement 
O=Other/None, =Photos, video brochure=Videos